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10 Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2022-23 (Make Money Online)

Are you looking for one of  the most profitable blog niches which you can start working on? And you want to earn money while blogging? If Yes, then, you are at the right place!😊

The niches in blogging I am going to talk about here are really the most profitable blog niches. And these are gonna stay for a longer period of time. So, it’s the best time to start a blog in 2022.

Now I am sure this question will be popping in your mind: “why do i need a niche, why can’t I start a general blog. And write on the topics which I want.” Yes, you can write but it will be a hobby blog.

If you are not going to niche your blog it’ll be difficult to get visitors that easily because of your random writing on different topics and ultimately leading to difficulty in monetizing your blog.😟

10 Most profitable blogging niches of all time.

Before going ahead I want to ask, do you really want to make your blog profitable or is it just a hobby? 

If you want to make money SERIOUSLY,  then stay by my side and let me tell you about the most profitable blogging niches of 2022-23, how to make money from them, and how to get traffic from social media.

Let’s dive into it…..✨

1. Lifestyle Blog:

The lifestyle niche is the most profitable one in the blogging industry right now. Now, I know that you will be thinking about what comes under lifestyle blogs. 🤔

Have you ever written a journal or diary? In which you mentioned your daily activities, feelings, experiences, etc. It’s just like that. You have to write about your activities and experiences in the lifestyle blog. Tada!

Why will people read about you? Because people want to learn from stories of others and they will pay attention to what you have to say. You can write about every aspect of your life.

But from a money making point of view you must focus on one or two aspects of your life. Like if you are in college you can write about your college life, lessons learnt in college, what and what not to do in college, etc. Because college is one aspect of your life.

Similarly, if you are doing a job in a specific field for a longer period of time and you feel that it can be helpful for others also. You can write about that. It is also an aspect of your life. This is how your lifestyle blog will be niched down. 

Always remember whatever niche you start, focus on:❤️

  • Providing valuable and quality content to your readers
  • Being a reliable person for others while guiding them the path
  • Building relationships and community
How is lifestyle blog most profitable niche - Aqsa Chaudhary

Now, Let’s talk about the ways you can make money from your lifestyle blog:

💡Affiliate Links:

Affiliate links are a lucrative way to make money while you sleep. Yes, they are a way of passive income too. Once your lifestyle blog is up and rolling in the visitors to your traffic then affiliate links will be a great source of income.💸

Many brands in ed tech, fin tech, fashion, beauty, parenting and whatever you are blogging about get the opportunities to write about their products and give you handsome amounts in the form of percentage.

Amazon, Daraz, Aliexress, Alibaba, Udemy and hundreds and thousands of other high paying brands offer their affiliate programs for people like you.

💡Ad Space:

If you are getting a lot of visitors on your blog, you can apply for google Adsense provided you meet their eligibility requirements.

💡Digital Products:

As the world is going to be digital at its full speed. So, the invention of digital products also. You can make digital products to sell and make reasonable money along with the above two methods. Some examples of digital products are:👇

  • Ebooks
  • Pre-recorded mini class
  • Online course
  • Printables
  • Planners
  • Photos
  • Patterns

2. Food Blog:

If you are into cooking and trying different dishes on a daily basis, then you must convert your hobby into a blog.

This niche is very popular worldwide. Why? Because people love food and their taste buds are always pushing them to try something more mouthwatering and tasty for them.😋

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”

Federico Fellino

These days people are becoming more conscious about their food choices while taking great care of health. All you have to do is to set up a nice blog with a nice theme which supports a lot of images. 

You have to share the recipes about the food. It could be a keto diet, vegan or gluten free food blog. Focus on creating quality content and graphics must be highly eye-catching for the visitor to make him stay throughout the post.

How to make money as a food blogger - Aqsa Chaudhary

Food blogging is one of the highly profitable blog niche, you can start now and earn money through different ways.

💡Affiliate Link:

You can sign up with the affiliate programs of the companies who provide food delivery and they want to partner up with you to promote their products. It will be a win-win situation for both parties.

Right now Food Panda is providing affiliate programs for the food bloggers out there.

💡Sponsored Posts:

This method is highly lucrative for the food bloggers. Because a lot of food restaurants, cafe owners, and fast food chain people are looking for food bloggers to write about their food, ambience, and customer service. And for this they are ready to pay a lot because this way they do their marketing. 

All you have to do is to write an honest feedback about their food, and experience with their staff and place. I would highly suggest giving HONEST feedback because your audience will be loyal to you and you should never stab them by misleading them for a few extra bucks.

💡Digital Products:

As a food blogger, with the passage of time, you’ll make a community of loyal people who read your blog. And then you can look for the other digital products as well which include cookbooks with a highly image driven approach. 

You can also make an online course in which you show your audience how you make the food exactly. You can share your course on Udemy, Skillshare etc. This way you can charge a reasonable amount for your courses.


You can also start your YouTube channel. But for that you have to set up your kitchen with equipment like camera, lights, and right crockery for the beautiful videos.

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3. Health & Fitness Blog:

When it comes to our health, we don’t compromise. And if you think that you are into health and fitness then this is the right niche for you.💘

However, for this niche especially you must be well informed and expert because Google had algorithm update which is specifically for those webpages which give information related to Your Money or Your Life (YMYL).

So, if you are a medical professional, pharmacists, doctor, fitness trainer, etc. you can start writing blog posts on this niche and this is one of the most profitable niches of all time.

Health & Fitness most profitable blog niche of all time - Aqsa Chaudhary

Now let’s dive into how you can warm money through this blog niche.


If you are a doctor, medical, health and fitness expert running a blog already then it’s time to monetize your expertise through consulting people. 

People always are looking for authentic and genuine experts who can advise them and feel what they are feeling. You can charge a handsome amount for a half an hour consultation.

💡Sponsored posts:

There are a lot of health and fitness institutions who are looking for bloggers to write the content and review on their products. 

I would suggest you to be careful during sponsor blog posts about any product because you must convey an honest review to your audience because your audience trusts you and you should care about their well being.

💡Your products:

You can make your own digital products like ebooks, guides or online courses and can earn reasonable money from them. After all:

“Knowledge is power.”

4. Travel Blog:

Travel blog is one of the most profitable blogs of all times. Why? Because not everyone has the guts or money to travel around the globe (Harsh Truth)🤫

But everyone dreams to travel in their life. So, they go traveling on their vacations and for that they research on google for other traveler’s (usually full time travelers) opinions. 

If you are a traveler and want to make your passion into a money machine then go for a traveling blog. Yup! People love to read about other people’s experiences and they want to know the world from the eyes of others if they can’t see the world on their own. 👀

So, show them the world through photos, videos and your words because the world is beautiful and rich with different cultures, animals, plants, places and waters.

How traveling can be more profitable than working a  9-5 job! - Aqsa Chaudhary

 Let’s go in the topics to how can you turn your passion to money making machine:

💡Ads on the blog:

Once you have enough content and people are rolling in on your website you can apply for ads like google adsense and can earn money through ads on your website.

This method is highly profitable only when you have a lot of visitors on your website per month. Be patient and just continue putting the content out. Your audience will start to increase and ads will be more profitable for you.

💡Affiliate Marketing:

Have you ever recommended a book, hotel, restaurant, food, movie to anyone? If yes and then you did affiliate marketing without knowing and earning anything from it.

In affiliate marketing, you will have to sign up for affiliate programs of different companies who provide you services like hotels, accommodation, rental cars etc. You can recommend their services in your travel blog and when people or other travelers will go to that service through your link you’ll earn commission in return. 

💡Digital Products:

I already mentioned the above niche to sell your digital products because digital products are easy to sell and make a handsome amount from them.

For travel blogging niche, you can sell following👇

  • Travel ebooks
  • Travel printables
  • Travel planners
  • Travel guides
  • Travel mini course

Pro Tip: You can use a tool for your digital products making because they have a lot of free and paid templates for you. 

💡Sell Your Photos:

As a travel blogger, don’t forget to bring your camera along with you because you have to take a lot of photos of nature, cultures, people and much more.

You can upload these photos on your website or the site sites like shutterstock or getty images etc. whenever someone buys those photos you’ll earn money and this is a passive income which you’ll be earning while sleeping.

5. Personal Finance Blog:

When a person starts to earn money either through job, freelancing or business, he/he wants to learn about managing their finances also. There comes the most profitable blogging niche – personal finance.💰

If you are a person who is in the occupation of finance and wants to start the blog then this niche is for you. 

Not everyone can start a personal finance blog in my opinion. Because it is very important for you to be well educated about money management, investments, stock markets and new cryptocurrencies trends to get your foot into this niche. 

Moreover, Google’s algorithm update Your Money or Your Life only encourages those blog posts which provide authentic and credible information regarding the finances.

Let’s learn the ways to make your niche more profitable….


A lot of people not only want to read, they also want to get one on one consultation with finance experts also.

You can give your advice to them and in return charge from them. 

In this era of digital, your clients’/customers don’t need to visit your office. They can talk to you on google meets, zoom etc.

💡Ad Space:

This niche is very saturated and that’s why it is very difficult to make your space in this world.

 You must create a unique way for yourself so that you can stand out from the crowd. And once your blog starts getting the visitors. You can apply for the advertisements to be shown on your blog.

💡Affiliate Programs:

A lot of accounting software companies and banks offer affiliate programs. You can sign up and get the affiliate link of their products. 

Whenever someone will go from your link and buy their product you’ll be able to earn a handsome commission.

💡Digital Products:

Another way to make this blog niche profitable is to make your own digital products which include:

  • Ebook on money management
  • Online course on personal finances

This niche is about money so you must write the content in an interesting way to retain the audience on your blog post for a longer period of time.

6. Business & Marketing Blog:

After the pandemic, the way of doing things changed. People are more interested to learn about marketing and business because they want to start their side hustles.💣

Or if  they have already started, they want to continue growing their small business. That’s why they go to blogs and videos to learn about business and marketing.

If you are into this already or are learning by doing, then this blog niche is definitely for you. It would be great as you will be earning already from the business and blog will be a plus for you to earn. 

How is business & Marketing Most profitable blog niche - Aqsa Chaudhary

There are more ways to make your blog profitable, which are as follows:

💡Sponsored Posts:

The Business & Marketing niche is very lucrative in terms of making money by sponsored posts.

A lot of businesses & Marketers approach you to write sponsored content for their products which help in other businesses or startups. 

💡Ad Space:

This niche is very profitable and much easier to get the audience for it than other niches.

That’s why if you become serious about making your blog another side hustle and you post consistently quality content on it. It may take less than a year to create a loyal audience. And  then you can opt for the advertisement options on  your website.

💡Physical Products:

You can sell your physical products of your business also and can direct your audience to your store also.

Topics in this niche which could be discussed are:

  • How to start a business
  • Apparel business marketing strategies
  • Personal care business starting process etc.

7. Relationship & Parenting Blog:

For this niche, let me tell you one thing that you must be in a relationship or a parent. Yep!

People are very sensitive about their loved ones and they want to learn the ways to make them happy and content.😊

That’s why they make efforts and learn through reading blog posts, books, and a lot more.

First, if you want to start a relationship blog, you must be in a relationship either with friends, your partner, or yourself. Yes, you heard me right.

Because otherwise you won’t be able to create content which resonates with people’s lives. It would feel fake.🤢

Second, if you want to go for the parenting blog. Then you must be a parent. That’s when you’ll be able to create the real content on parenting and will be able to teach others how they can take care of themselves and their children.👪 

Because most of the time what parents do is neglect themselves in order to make the life of their children easy. You have to create the content about yourself as a parent where you will be teaching your audience about parenting.

How to make money by relationship & parenting blog - Aqsa Chaudhary

This blog niche needs patience and consistency to be ranked in google and earn money. However, chances are very high for you to be looked up through social media these days.

💡Ad Space:

Once you are able to build a loyal audience for your blog through relationship or parenting content, you’ll be able to go for the advertisement option. 

You should always be looking to learn more about how you can make your blogging game more profitable through different strategies by reading blog posts, videos, or Pinterest etc.

💡Digital Products:

Digital Products are the future now. Because everyone wants to learn through online/digital access.

You can make following digital products,

  • Relationship or Parenting ebooks
  • Relationship or parenting checklists
  • Relationship or parenting workbook
  • Relationship or parenting online courses

These are some examples, you should figure out yourself what more you can do to make your blog more profitable with the passage of time.


If you want to take your blogging game a step further, you can start coaching and consultation.

You should do this only when you are really into helping people solve their problems regarding relationships or parenting.

And you have hands-on experience and knowledge of doing so. For the consultation you can charge your clients/customers.

8. Self Care & Personal Development Blog:

If you are a person who is always in the self development and self care things, then this niche is for you.

However, it’s not that easy and difficult to get the audience. Because you have to be specific about your topics while writing the blog posts.📃

You can talk about self confidence, self esteem, public speaking and much more in this niche but always find a problem about which people are searching for in google.

And write blog posts discussing the solutions to that problem.

How to make your self care & personal development blog niche profitable - Aqsa Chaudhary

There are a lot of ways to make this blogging niche profitable such as:


Don’t be surprised about it. You can start writing ebooks and then move to the hardcover book of yours. This is the great way to materialize your knowledge about self care and personal development.

💡Online course:

Gather knowledge on one thing like how to increase self confidence and then make a video course on this topic. This course must contain proper and practical solutions to the problem of your audience.

You can publish your course on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and can monetize the course with a reasonable price. This is the way to earn money while you sleep.

💡Ads Space

And yes once you gather a lot of visitors who come to your blog daily, you’ll be able to monetize your blog through google Adsense also.

9. Tech Blogs:

Tech blogs are one of the most profitable blog niches. They are becoming hot cake🍰 in the blogging industry with the technological revolution.

Now there are further types of tech blogs and I’ll highlight some of them for you.

  • Tutorial Blogs: For tutorial blogs you have to write the tutorial of using a tool or gadget. How to guide also comes under this.
  • Review Blogs: If you like tech products then you can write the review blogs of the products.
  • Tech news: if you are the one of those tech savvies then you can start your tech news website. You will have to push out the quality content on the technology and gadgets. 
How to make money by tech blog - Aqsa Chaudhary

You can make tech blog more profitable by following methods:


This is the perfect way to earn money when tech enthusiasts are rolling into your website for quality content. Checkout the policies of Google AdSense.

💡Affiliate marketing:

As tech bloggers write content about tech products and they have a great audience.

Then they can sign up for the affiliate programs of the brands whose products they want to promote and once someone clicks on the affiliate link and makes the purchase you’ll get the commission.

💡Sponsored Posts:

When your name becomes bigger and bigger with your content, companies and brands start to approach you. They offer great deals for writing the sponsored content for their products.

10. Fashion Blog:

Finally, the most profitable blog niche of all times. According to Capital Counselor statistics, the fashion industry in 2022 is supposed to reach $1.7 trillion. Now Budd, this figure is really really big.🤩 

With this big number, the fashion blogging niche is also doing great. Why? Because people want to keep up with the trends and stay up to date. 

And you can step into this niche if you really want to make an audience of yours who love to read about fashion and beauty.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok can take your blog far far ahead.

How is fashion most profitable blog niche - Aqsa Chaudhary

Following are the ways to level up your fashion blog niche:

💡Affiliate Marketing:

You can increase the fashion blogging game with the affiliate links of those clothing and beauty brands who offer affiliate programs. 

💡Brand Ambassador:

You may be looking at celebrities being the brand ambassadors… right?

You can become one also. All you have to do is to build an authentic following and brands will approach you for sponsorship and ambassador programs.

💡Launch your brand:

Have you ever thought about leveling up the blogging game through launching your own brand? Well, now you must give a thought to this also.

You can start your own brand of clothes, shoes, or jewelry or any beauty products which you can promote through your blogging content and make a super big business for yourself.


Well, we have come a long way to this part where I want to tell you that the niches above mentioned are really the most profitable blog niches. 

But always try to get to know yourself before starting a blog. Ask these questions to yourself:

  • What do you want to share with the audience?
  •  How will you solve the problem?
  •  Do you enjoy blogging every day because it is a never ending process?
  • Can you write 100+ blogs a year?
  • Are you blogging for making money or is it just a hobby?

These questions will help you a lot in figuring out your interests, passion and hard work you need to invest in blogging.

So, if you have already decided to start the blog then what are you waiting for.

Go buy a domain name, buy the hosting plan, install the WordPress and a beautiful theme on your website. And publish your first blog post.✨

That’s it for today! Aqsa Chaudhary signing off!💖