How to start all over again 8 simple steps for when you desperately need a change

How to start all over again? 8 simple steps for when you desperately need a change

I want to change my life!” 😟 

I want to do something bigger in life.
I want to start all over again, But from where should I start?

If these kinds of questions come in your mind and you are juggling with them these days. You want to change your life in a good way and you are sick of your bad habits. 

You are tired of living in a loop and done with the survival mode. You feel that your mental health and spiritual health is getting worse day by day. 

You are overthinking all day and in the night you feel anxiety before getting to bed and you think that if you have done better. If you could have taken some action in the past your life would be different.

If you are going through this all, then my dear friend you are not alone. I have been through this and honestly speaking I have been all this before taking these magical 8 steps in my life.

But before I go to the steps, let me share this thing with you. If you are feeling all this overthinking and anxiety throughout the day and you really are reading this blog post in order to change your life. 

That’s good news. Because you have taken that first step on the stair to the change which is the realization that there needs to be a change in the life which you are craving.

And without further ado, let’s discover those 8 magical steps which are needed for starting over again.

1. Sit and write your problems:

When you have realized that something about your life needs to be changed and you want to get out of that survival mode in which you have been living for the past few years, then you need to sit down on a chair with Notebook and pencil.

You need to get your mind thinking all about the problems you are facing in your life. Make your brain race and think about all the things which you don’t want in your life. Which you think are problematic for getting out of the comfort zone.

These problems may include:

  • Overthinking habit on smallest thing
  • Financial problems
  • Health issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Physical health issues
  • Personal growth issues
  • Issues in your relationships
  • Career problems
  • Business problems
  • Social life problem

The list is long and write each and every single problem which you are facing in your current life in current days. 

Pro Tip: While writing those problems in the notebook/diary, make sure you are alone and you are away from all kinds of distractions or noises like mobile phone, tablet, etc.

2. Start a 6 Month Life Changing Challenge:

Once your life problems are all noted down on your paper. The next step is to give yourself a challenge of changing in the 6 months. 

I am not asking you to give yourself a challenge for one month or 3 months because believe me 1 month is needed to develop the mindset and habits which are needed to make yourself achieve your goals. I will talk about this later.

So, commit yourself to the 6 Month starting over again life changing challenge. For this purpose you will need a calendar in which you’ll lock the six months for the challenge.

Pro Tip: Try to make your own calendar in which you’ll be writing in a format like 1st day of 6 month challenge and it will go on and on.

3. Change Your Mindset:

For starting over again, changing your mindset is the crucial part.  You need to train your mind in a way that it listens to what you say, not you listen to your brain. 

When you’re taking on the six month challenge, you’ll not be able to make yourself change from the day one. There will be ups and downs. Some days will be very productive and some days you’ll not be able to fulfill your daily goals which you will set.

And on those days, don’t make yourself feel bad. Instead, change your mindset by saying to yourself positive things like how can i do better to achieve my goals. Sometimes, out of motivation you’ll be setting those goals which don’t seem realistic. So, while going to bed try to achieve all the realistic things for the day. 

And don’t criticize yourself so much that your mind takes it badly and you’ll not make it up for the next day to do the work. So, the mindset towards the change should be positive.

4. Set Your goals:

When you have taken the six month life changing challenge, then you need to write the major goals which you want to achieve for the 6 months. 

These goals may include everything from mental health, financial goals, eliminating bad habits, doing new business, or changing the career path to traveling the world, etc. 

When the goals for 6 months are completed, then you need to break them up into monthly goals. After that into the weekly goals. 

This will go to the daily goals or to do list for the day. Your approach towards these goals should be realistic because if they are not realistic then my friend chances are you’ll soon skip the challenge of starting over again and will move to that survival mode again.

Pro Tip: While setting the goals, try to give yourself small and easily achievable goals in the first month of the challenge because in the first month you will be training your mind to accept the change.

5. Keep a journal:

You must have heard about keeping a journal for writing down the day to day activities of your life. 

For taking up the challenge and making it into reality you’ll need to keep a journal because in this you will be writing everything like your thoughts, feelings about the change. 

Try to write on an everyday basis with the format like I told you about the calendar. (1st day of 6 month challenge).

This journal can be in your phone or in the paper form diary. But you need this as it will be giving you the motivation for the next day tasks as well.

BTW I have a daily journal set in my mobile which gives me reminders every night at 9 PM before I go to bed.

6. Change your environment:

Environment plays a great role in everyone’s life. You need to make such a work friendly environment around you which motivates you to do the work.

Similarly, if you are working on mental health and you want to do meditation you need to create an environment which is aesthetically pleasant and your mind feels relaxing. You can make it more charming by adding the scented candles and dim lights without noise.

Environment change gives the signal to the brain that something is really going to change. So, your brain will be prepared for that change.

7. Erase Negativity:

Most of the time we are not able to change our life to what we want because we are surrounded by negativity and negative people.

Believe me negative vibes are a real thing. So, first of all point out the negativity in your surroundings. It could be your negative sibling, negative parents who always do the nagging, negative friends who make you feel bad about yourself and your life choices. 

Negativity could be in your social media feed as you might be following those people whose content makes you feel bad about yourself.

After pointing it out, take steps one by one eliminating it from your life. Start to get yourself distant from a negative social circle. The smaller circle with good friends and good vibes will be best for you to be happy in taking the change.

Erasing negativity will give you peace of mind and you’ll be able to focus on your life.

8. Learn to say “No”:

If you are one of those who feel tremors in their body while saying no to others and instead say Yes in order to make the other person feel happy, then my friend you are in big trouble.

Start practicing saying “No” to those things which you don’t want to do. It’ll make the other person distant, I know. But through this you’ll be able to know what needs to be focused. 

While taking on the 6 month challenge of starting over again, there will be a lot of incidents where you have to say No. It could include NO to parties, No to alcohol, NO to sleepovers at your friend’s because you need to work on those goals which you have set for yourself.


These steps are easy and practical because I am doing them myself to change my life. You can change your life and once you’ll start working on them you’ll start feeling confident.

Your self esteem will be increased day by day because you are doing what you say. Which means staying true to yourself. You’ll face many other challenges like from your social circle, from the people whom you said no and gave yourself priority, etc, but believe me it’s not easy to please everyone.

So, try to please the one whom you can and That’s YOU, my friend.