8 Tips for creating effective social media posts

Maximizing your Social Media Reach: 8 Expert Tips for Killer Social Media Posts

In 2023, everything is getting on the social media platforms. Business to business, retail businesses, non profit organizations, all are coming to social media and trying their best to capture the attention of their target audience to achieve their objectives. 🥅

Therefore the competition is increasing with every passing second. You must know how to create effective social media posts in order to make yourself both people friendly and algorithm friendly.

As a social media content creator, I have these tips which can be extremely helpful while creating a content of your desire which is both valuable and attractive. 👇

1. Research, Research & Write:

The world in which we are working is called the social media world. And here people come for, most of the time, to relax and entertain themselves. So, it’s important that you do a thorough research about your topic before pushing that button of Enter. 💻

You must do your part of research with different tools like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok or any other social platform you are gonna make the post for. 

And also here, by social media post I mean piece of content, it could be infographic, single image post, carousel post, meme, reel/shorts, blog post, or any piece of content which you want to share on your social media platforms.

After the part of research is done, open the word document or Google Docs and now start writing by adding your title. It is often said that a content creator or writer must do 80% research and 20% is the written work. Well, that’s 100% true. 💯

2. Choose a Suitable Designing Tool:

Now you have done your research and wrote that content. 📔 The next part comes down to how to design your boring words in a meaningful and attractive way.

That’s where the graphic designer comes into the picture . But as a small content creator or small business owner, I know you don’t have the manpower yet. 

But don’t worry if I say that you can do this work on your own with great ease. There are a lot of tools which are both free and paid at your disposal. 🤩

These tools include Canva, Adobe Spark, Crello, etc. My personal favorite is Canva for like 3 years now. I design everything in that tool. And the super thing about this tool is that you can do almost everything in the Free version and that is lifetime free access.

3. Right Post Format for Content:

Every social media platform is unique in some way or the other. You must carefully choose the platform to create the content. The popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and obviously Tiktok these days.

These all platforms have their own post formats. If I take the example of Facebook, it promotes the Square (1080 x 1080) post format for both feed content as well as Ads content and same goes for Instagram. 😊

But for YouTube Videos, the format is 16:9 for horizontal videos. While the vertical video format is 9:16 which is very hot in these days of short form content.

I’ll make another blog post or video on this where I will  thoroughly describe the sizes or formats for different platforms. 

4. Work on the Description:

When you have put so much energy into writing the content for a post or video, you have to work a little extra for the description as well. Here I am mainly talking about Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Tiktok mainly.

The following points will be helpful for writing the description of your posts: 👇

  • Clear and concise: The description content must be very clear. You should describe what you are saying in the post. And use keywords for the ranking of your post.
  • Use of Emojis: As we all know the emergence of emojis and reactions on the platforms have made it easier for lazy people to express their emotions. 😂 That’s why you should also use emojis which relate with your content. (Like I have used in this blog post)
  • Power of storytelling: If you can put a little effort and try to make your description content in a storytelling way then you have more chances to connect with the people on an emotional level.

5. Use Well Researched Hashtags:

If we talk about using the hashtags, there are different thoughts of almost every content creator. Some say that hashtags should be used, some say that there is no need for hashtags at all, and some say that only 3 to 4 hashtags are enough.

Well, I would suggest you research on the hashtags because they are still crucial to reach relevant audiences. Try to use almost 10 to 12 hashtags for instagram in the description when you have started the journey of content creation on social media. ️😄

While for YouTube, add tags in the tags section. And hashtags in the description box. And in the same way research on the number hashtags being used for every platform. 

The tools for researching high quality hashtags include All Hashtag, photorloo, tagsfinder, Sistrix, dailypurpose etc.

6. Post at the Best Time:

After doing so much effort, it’s important that you know when is the best time for posting on social media platforms. This will increase the visibility to your content not in your network but beyond also.

The best posing time for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are in the evening. For LinkedIn, you must go for morning time as people are more active during the day while leaving for office hours and during the afternoon while leaving the offices. 🧑‍💼

The best time for TikTok posting is usually from 6AM to 10AM and 7PM to 11PM. For Youtube, content creators mostly opt for the evening times.

To post you can use the scheduling tools for every platform. Now, almost every other social platform has launched their own scheduling tool which is superb as there is no need for external post schedulers anymore.

7. Engage with the Audience:

On social media platforms human beings come for being social. Right? So, you must know what your audience wants and needs. And if possible you should know the pain points of your audience as well as this’ll help you to create content which will solve that problem.

But above that you should know that only posting isn’t enough. You should find the best strategies to get your audience engaged on your content as well. 🖋️

This can be done through the story feature on almost every platform. You can share about your day or anything which you think will be relatable for your audience. 🍿

You should join the discussion happening in the comment section, conduct polls, surveys, share offers, etc. to make your audience talk about you and your content.

8. Be consistent:

Last but not least, Be consistent. Social media platforms change consistently and that’s why it’s necessary to post on a consistent basis.

For that make a planner where you have put every of your content piece according to day and time. 📒

The planning will help you in the longer run because some days we humans don’t do the posting thing or maybe we would skip a day. In that case, you already have the content scheduled and you can take a day off.

And most importantly, content creation is a game 🎮 for which you have to show up daily otherwise you’ll be irrelevant with the passage of time. Starting and stopping the content creation is worse than not starting at all. So, make decisions carefully and once made stick to it firmly.


In this age of AI, content is still the king. You have to focus your energy and time on creating the best possible posting content because at the end we all are here to provide value in others lives. And believe me by doing so we get another level of peace and internal satisfaction. 😍

That’s why you must follow the above tips to make people friendly content. And always have faith in yourself. 💛